New Respiratory Virus Dashboard is Live

The information contained in the Northwest Regional Respiratory Virus Surveillance Report can now be accessed on our new Respiratory Virus Dashboard. The dashboards will update weekly on Wednesdays and will reflect data for the previous week. Check it out!

Why was this page created?

We recognize the need to show local and regional data related to COVID-19, flu, and RSV. This dashboard enables healthcare facilities and individuals to better track respiratory virus activity. It allows everyone to make informed decisions to keep patients, caregivers, and themselves safer. When virus levels are high it indicates we have community spread. This page serves the following groups:

  • Healthcare Facilities: When the dashboards indicate disease activity of one or more of these viruses are high, some healthcare facilities in Whatcom County are voluntarily adopting masking requirements for employees and/or patients. This page will help those healthcare facilities make informed decisions regarding infection control practices. You can learn more about regional guidelines here.
  • High-risk Community Members: Allows community members who are at high-risk for severe disease to make informed decisions that are right for them, based on current disease activity. This might mean wearing a mask in a crowded indoor space, or checking with their doctor to make sure they are up to date on recommended vaccines. 
  • Everyone:  Allows everyone to make informed decisions based on current disease activity, especially if they live or work with people who are at high-risk for severe disease. This might mean choosing to mask or avoiding high-risk situations where transmission is more likely.