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  • 02/09/24 Health Advisory: RSV Prevention Updates

    02/09/24 Health Advisory: RSV Prevention Updates

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    Summary Background On Oct. 23, 2023, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health alert about the limited supply of nirsevimab. CDC recommended healthcare providers prioritize nirsevimab for infants born later in RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) season or for those at increased risk for severe illness. On Jan. 5, 2024, CDC issued updated guidance about the increased…

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  • Tuberculosis Sputum Specimens

    Tuberculosis Sputum Specimens

    Suspicion of Active Tuberculosis Notify the Health Department of suspected active tuberculosis or positive AFB (acid-fast bacilli) smears or cultures. Patients Without Insurance Contact the Health Department. They may contact the patient and arrange to drop off and pick up sputum collection cups. Testing will be done at the Washington State Public Health Lab (PHL)…

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