Health Advisories

  • Environmental Cleaning

    Environmental Cleaning

    Quick Reference: Environmental Cleaning How to clean equipment and surfaces, when to clean, what to use Visibly Soiled surfaces: Scrub the surface with a cleaner/detergent or a disinfectant that contains a cleaner/detergent. Wear gloves! May need to rinse (check label). Will NOT need to rinse if using a wipe that contains both a detergent and…

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  • Bloodborne Pathogens

    Bloodborne Pathogens


    Post Exposure Prophylaxis and Training Resources National Clinicians’ Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEPline) Hotline (888) HIV-4911 Exposure to bloodborne pathogens can present serious risks to healthcare providers. Prompt post-exposure treatment for HIV and hepatitis B virus can be effective, but because each exposure case is unique, determining who should receive prophylaxis and which drugs are most appropriate…

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  • Tuberculosis FAQ

    Tuberculosis FAQ

    Tuberculosis Screening Tests Tuberculosis skin test (TST) (formerly known as PPD) Tubersol or Aplisol can be purchased through your medical supply chain. Ten or 50 dose vials, once opened must be used within 28 days. Requires skill to apply intradermally and read results properly. Patient must have two office visits. Sensitive test and inexpensive. See…

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  • Tuberculosis Sputum Specimens

    Tuberculosis Sputum Specimens

    Suspicion of Active Tuberculosis Notify the Health Department of suspected active tuberculosis or positive AFB (acid-fast bacilli) smears or cultures. Patients Without Insurance Contact the Health Department. They may contact the patient and arrange to drop off and pick up sputum collection cups. Testing will be done at the Washington State Public Health Lab (PHL)…

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